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For detailed background information about the class action lawsuit about cash balance pension conversions, visit the AT&T Pension Plan Class Action Lawsuit website. The lawsuit is named: Engers v. AT&T Management Pension Plan, c.a. 98-3660 (D.N.J).  Information on the class action web site includes:

    • Downloadable Briefs: On October 7, 2004, final briefs were filed with the U.S. District Court in New Jersey. An oral argument may be scheduled in Newark at a later date. When it is scheduled, the site will post notice so class members can attend.
    • * Plaintiff Class' Statement of Undisputed Facts (74 pages)
      * Opening Brief in Support of Summary Judgment for the current and former employees (44 pages)
      * Opposition to AT&T's Brief (44 pages)
      * Plaintiff Class' Reply Brief in further support of summary judgment for the employees (20 pages)

    • Impact of the Partial Settlement of the IBM Class Action: While it will be some months before this happens, read more about the impact on the AT&T class action.
    • Class Definition for the AT&T Class Action: The AT&T class action lawsuit centers on the conversion of the AT&T pension plan, which significantly reduced the value of benefits for long term older workers. The lawsuit plaintiffs argue that the pension plan conversion is inconsistent with ERISA and age discrimination laws.
    • Court Docket, updated monthly.


Read undisputed facts at
AT&T Pension Plan Class Action Lawsuit

Lawsuit Updates

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