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AT&T Medical Plan Problem Resolution Procedures
AT&T has established an escalation process for retirees who are unable to resolve their issue for an AT&T medical plan as administered by UHC (United Health Care). Please contact UHC and attempt to resolve the issue yourself before using the Escalation Procedure. Call and talk to a UHC service representative. If the UHC service representative cannot resolve your problem satisfactorily, then ask to speak to a Supervisor. If the Supervisor cannot resolve your problem to your satisfaction then follow the escalation procedure below.

Escalation Procedure

Download the Member Service Request Form available in either PDF (Adobe Acrobat Reader required) or MS Word format.

Click here for the PDF version
Click here for the MS Word version

FAX the completed form to the UHC Escalation Group at: 262-953-9129

August 25, 2012
AT&T Benefits Center : Password Change Recommended
Some AT&T Retirees have received a message (below) that requested they change their password on the Benefit website.

AT&T is committed to creating a secure online environment to safely store your personal information. You can help to ensure that your information is protected by choosing a difficult-to-guess and complex password and periodically changing it. Take some time to log into the AT&T Benefits Center and change your password.
  • To log in, go to resources.hewitt.com/att and look for "My Quick Links" on the right hand side of the website and choose AT&T Benefits Center .
  • Select the "Your Profile" link from the top navigational bar, and choose "Log On Information".
  • From here, enter a new password and hint then click on "Change Password" next to the Change Your Password and Hint section.
While you are here, take some time to review your Security Questions as well. Please remember, the password you use on this website is the same password you'll be asked for when calling the AT&T Benefits Center .

Resolution: ACER contacted AT&T HR and they have verified this is a valid request and that everyone, retirees and employees are being urged to change their password..

Oct, 2010
Frequently Asked Questions – Health Care Reform as of Oct. 08, 2010
Changes to plans in 2011 and beyond

Nov 8, 2009
Retirees in Illinois--Medical Enrollment in Unicare
There is a change in Medical Enrollment for Retirees in Illinois who have enrolled in Unicare. Unicare HMO (currently programmed as a 2010 plan option) has made the decision to exit the commercial medical business effective December 31, 2009. Some active and pre-65 retired employees who live in Illinois have already selected Unicare during annual enrollment for their medical coverage.

Resolution: Those participants enrolled in Unicare HMO for 2010 will be re-solicited by mail and provided with an opportunity to select another medical plan at the conclusion of annual enrollment. Anyone in Wave 4 (enrollment dates Nov 19- Dec 3) will not have Unicare HMO displayed as an option and will not be re-solicited.

April 23, 2009
AT&T HR Annual Benefit Enrollment Conference Call
ACER and the other AT&T Retiree Organizations met with HR to discuss issues of importance to us. Topics include pension plan funding, healthcare, drug plan. Click the link above for details.

Dec 17, 2008
Participants have until Jan 31 to pay overdue 2008 balances
AT&T reports that letters have been sent to all participants who are direct billed for health and life insurance benefits from the AT&T Benefits Center who have an outstanding balance from January 2008 through August 2008. The company had allowed extra time to pay off balances due to 2008 system conversion errors. The letter serves as FINAL notice to the participant stating that if they do not pay their full outstanding balance by January 31, 2009, coverage will be discontinued retroactive to the first day of the month for which payment has not been received. The normal grace period is 60 days.

Apr 14, 2008
Incorrect Prices on Supplemental Life Insurance
AT&T reports that beginning January 1, 2008, incorrect contributions were charged to approximately 5,700 legacy T management retirees. These retirees have been payer lower contributions than required. This letter was mailed last week to advise of this correction and the one-time adjustment for retroactive contributions. This did not impact coverage.

Resolution: System fix completed – correct rates are being applied, retroactive to January 1, 2008.

Jan 29, 2008
Aetna terminations of coverage
AT&T reports that in mid January, Hewitt inadvertently sent Aetna terminations of coverage for 1400 Legacy T Management and Occupational Retirees in the Traditional Indemnity option who had coverage with United Healthcare in 2007, but effective January 1, 2008 were switched to Aetna.

Resolution: Hewitt systems were corrected and an update will be issued to Aetna on January 30th. Aetna will update their systems by January 31st. The retirees affected received new Aetna ID cards before January 1, 2008, so in most cases, there shouldn’t be a need to reissue cards. If a retiree needs medical treatment or has a question about a claim in the interim, he/she should contact Aetna at the number listed on their medical ID card. Aetna will be reprocessing claims which were denied due to this issue. The call centers at Aetna and the AT&T Benefits Center have been updated so they can appropriately handle calls from these retirees.

Jan 11, 2008
Mailing of backlogged Annual Enrollment Information
AT&T reports that a large backlog of 2008 Annual Enrollment participant communications were not sent to participants. The types of participant communications not received by participants may include their enrollment worksheet, their confirmation of enrollment, and/or their confirmation of coverage.

Resolution: The printing error has been corrected and a large volume of these communications will mailed to impacted participants by Tuesday, January 14, 2008. Anyone with a question should call the Benefit Service Center (1-877-722-0020) and identify himself as someone who just received backlogged annual enrollment information.

Oct 17, 2007
Incorrect Dental rates in Enrollment worksheet
AT&T reports that the contribution rates for Dental were overstated in the enrollment material due to be received a few days before the October 29 launch date. Only Legacy T management who retired after March 1, 1990 were affected.

Resolution: Letters which reflect the corrected dental rates will be mailed to affected participants so they receive this information prior to receipt of the incorrect enrollment work sheets. The information on the AT&T Benefits web site is correct.

Oct 8, 2007
AT&T HR Annual Benefit Enrollment Conference Call
A recap of the October conference call between AT&T HR and retiree groups (including ACER) regarding the changes to the health plan for 2008. Enrollment for legacy T management who retired after March 1, 1990 will be October 29 through November 9, legacy T who retired prior to March 1, 1990 can be make changes from November 19-31. The EPO Plan (available in 07 in four areas of the country, including North Jersey where it was administered by Aetna) will be eliminated, and HMO costs to the retiree will increase by 10-25%.

Sep 21, 2007
Calls from UnitedHealthcare (UHC) concerning Coordination of Benefits (COB)
AT&T reports that participants in UHC health plans (including CarePlus) were contacted by a third party vendor to update COB information.

Resolution: AT&T already has in place a very aggressive approach to the annual collection of COB information, either through the service center or online at United’s website - myuhc.com. The company had indicated to UHC that it did not wish to them to collect these updates, but the automated calls were not stopped in time. No action is required should a participant receive such a call, and the calls have been stopped.

Sep 14, 2007
MetLife Coverage Letters
AT&T reports that after further research, it now appears that MetLife was sending Port/Conversion Notices to retirees who had reached ages 66-70 and were not eligible to convert their age-reduced coverage. Receipt of these notices was the cause of confusion experienced by some retirees.

Aug 3, 2007
Additional Medicare Part B Reimbursement Issue
AT&T HR reports that 1,812 Legacy T retirees did not receive their quarterly reimbursement check.

Resolution: Off-cycle checks will be mailed on Wednesday along with a letter to the retiree.

135 of those affected were also impacted by the prior issue (see Jul 28 below) - these retirees will receive two separate checks that together will equal the total reimbursement amount owed. The letters and checks that were scheduled go out last week were delayed and will instead be mailed on Monday.

Jul 28, 2007
Medicare Part B Reimbursements
About 500 Legacy AT&T retirees have received incorrect Medicare reimbursements, some were underpaid, some overpaid.

Resolution from HR: 215 T retirees were under-reimbursed. A letter will be mailed to them early next week and an "off-cycle" check will be in the mail by Thursday. ("off-cycle" means that a special check will be created - we won't just add the amount of the under-reimbursement to the next quarter's reimbursement check).

370 T retirees were over-reimbursed. A letter will be mailed to them early next week letting them know that the amount of their future Med B reimbursements will be adjusted until the total amount over-reimbursed is collected back.

There is no need for the retirees to take any action. The letter each retiree receives will tell them who to contact if they have questions.

Jul 12, 2007
MetLife Coverage Letters
AT&T reports that retirees whose life insurance coverage is due to be reduced because of age attained have been sent letters from MetLife that seem to indicate that their coverage is terminating.

Resolution from HR: The letter has been revised to make it clear that the coverage is reduced and not eliminated.

Refer to your SPD for coverage and reduction schedule. These are available at AT&T Benefits online.

Jul 11, 2007
Prescription information not displaying correctly on UHC website
AT&T reports that UHC enhancements to the myuhc.com website implemented on June 27 have caused all prescriptions processed on or after June 26 for the AT&T Medical Plan consumer-driven health plan not to display on monthly health statements. The prescriptions are being applied correctly to the annual deductibles and Out Of Pocket accumulator amounts however.

Resolution from HR: For now, users may review the processed prescription drug claims online at Caremark.com or may contact Caremark to discuss the claims processed. UHC is investigating when this can be resolved.

Jun 21, 2007
DENTAL BENEFITS for Pre-3/1/90 Management Retirees
AT&T reports that they have received several calls from retirees concerned about losing dental coverage.

Response from HR: The Pre-3/1/90 Management medical SPD mailing began distribution May 14. The cover letter, first bullet, states that the SPD has been updated to eliminate the dental coverage and Self-Insured HMO option. The intent of this bullet was not to communicate total loss of dental coverage but to describe the changes to the Pre-3/1/90 Management Retiree's prior combined medical/dental SPD (component programs under the AT&T Corp. Postretirement Welfare Benefits Plan). Since Pre-3/1/90 AT&T Corp. Management Retirees began participation in the AT&T Dental Plan effective 1/1/07, they are no longer eligible for dental coverage under the AT&T Corp. Postretirement Welfare Benefits Plan. The Pre-3/1/90 AT&T Corp. Management Retirees received the AT&T Dental Plan SPD just prior to annual enrollment in fall of 2006 and are subject to the provisions of that dental program.



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